Payment Options

We want you to have a payment method that works for your budget. Listed here are our several payment options that have been working well for our customers.

Pre-Buy Option

Lock in to a fixed price for a fixed number of gallons with a 20% down payment during the months of June, July and August. Pay the balance of the order on or before August 30th. Enjoy peace of mind as prices fluctuate through the heating season knowing you are protected from increasing prices.

Budget Option

We work with you to estimate your heating oil or propane needs for the upcoming heating season, then we distribute the payments equally over a period of 12 months so that you can enjoy a known payment amount each month.

Budget with Downside Protection Option

The same great features as our Budget Option with a one time downside protection fee that entitles you to a lower price if the market drops below the price that you negotiated with your initial contract.

Cash Option

You decide when you would like us to make the next delivery. Monitor our homepage for current pricing and Contact Us before the next scheduled delivery to your neighborhood. You pay the cash price on the day of delivery. It's that simple.

Automatic Delivery Option

The same pricing as our Cash Option with the added benefit if a $0.10 per gallon discount if you make your payment within 10 days of delivery.

Contact Us today and speak with one of our friendly sales representatives who can help you match your needs with the best payment option.